why is google stock down

you can see from the chart below, it was a steady decline for the Google owner over most of April, and its descent tracked with the Nasdaq index

April Month Chart

Amid rising fears of a U.S. recession, how resistant is Google stock to a business downturn versus other technology companies?

The big picture: Google stock this year faces more difficult year-over-year growth comparisons in 2022 as the coronavirus emergency fades.

Earnings for GOOGL stock are due July 26. Revenue will grow nearly 14% to $70.3 billion, slowing from the prior year's 62% growth, according to consensus estimates.

According to a Bloomberg report, Google plans to slow hiring amid a possible economic recession.

Bank of America recently cut its estimates for GOOGL stock, citing expectations that the U.S. economy's growth will slow.

Google's board of directors has authorized $70 billion in additional stock repurchases.

Some wonder if Google might also open the books on YouTube. Whether YouTube is profitable or not remains a mystery.

While Google did not disclose Waymo's valuation in the funding round, reports said it was only $30 billion.